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Celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III.

An opinion addressed to the community via a letter to the Editor, The Chronicle, Toowoomba.

Dear Sir

I encourage everyone to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III on 6 May.

The late Queen Elizabeth II was crowned for a life of service, a much loved unifying Monarch across the Commonwealth of Nations.

Examine the life of Prince Charles - he also has a life of service. Note the Christian symbols of service, justice and authority with which he will be endowed on 6 May. These include the Bible, orb, sceptre and crown.

The Monarch is above politics and delegates his authority to the Governor-General and the State Governors to exercise their duties, providing a stability above politics ever since Federation in 1901. Compare this with political instability in so many countries today.

Give thanks for the Coronation. “God save our gracious King.”

Dr John Standley OAM
26 April 2023.

Welcome to the web site.

The Australian Constitution has given the Australian people a Christian Constitutional Monarchy. King Charles III is the Sovereign of Australia, but the Australian Constitution delegates all of the Monarch's power to the Governor General, who is the practical Head of State of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Some people are working to change Australia's political system to a Secular Republic, with a President as the Head of State. The present Australian system of Westminister style of government, through the reserve powers of the Sovereign, as exercised by the Governor General, ensures that there is no concentration of power in one person or institution, as is the case in most of the Republics around the world.

This site has been prepared by members of the community. We are concerned that Australians are being encouraged to change our Constitution without really knowing what we are changing from. We are also concerned that many do not understand the implications of such proposals as a presidential system of government without a Governor General and without a Sovereign as King of Australia.

The Constitution belongs to the People of Australia, not the politicians. Australia was the first country to choose its Constitution by free, uncoerced and peaceful means. It has enabled Australians, for over 100 years, to enjoy a continuous period of liberty envied the world over.

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